Top 10 Useful Apps for Students

All these apps are very beneficial and useful for the students, this post Top 10 Useful Apps for Students helps you a lot . You can download them from playstore or google. Instead of wasting time in other useless applications students have to focus on these apps, so he improves his skills, knowledge easily and enhances his marks in respective class also.


In this post of Top 10 Useful Apps for Students , first is Wikipedia. It is a very simple app in order to enhance your knowledge to a greater extent, it has also a website. We get a bunch of knowledge by day by day using it. Wikipedia is like a free encyclopedia on the internet, it is the world most famous off encyclopedia. It’s a special app in which any person can write or share his information and other people’s is used to get information. Worlds famous professors, teachers, entrepreneurs etc share their information through Wikipedia. and Task:

Both are very useful for the q reminder and they are very useful for making our to-do list on mobiles, so we don’t forget our work. The task is the Google app and Any.Do is a Microsoft app. Both apps are best but I prefer Any.Do app for its some additional features. By these apps, we synchronize many tasks like study framework, our domestic works and anything. We set alarm and those work we did complete is denoted by a checkbox.

My CBSE Guide:

This app is useful for scoring good marks in CBSE exams. Students get best notes, previous year papers and the competitive exams( JEE mains, UPSEEE etc) syllabus also. We can get easily previous years papers for class 6th to 12th with solutions. This app helps students for best and early preparation of their respective exams.

Photo Math:

This app is made for solving the problems of math in an interesting way. through this app, we can solve lengthy calculations in seconds by simple scanning the photo of math problem and gets results . This app is available for both android and IOS. It is like your part-time tutor, it works simple we have to scan our math problem and this app gives the possible solution.

Exam Countdown:

This app is used for setting count downs for important things like exam, events etc. Generally for exams students used it. According to the date sheet, we have to set it and daily it shows us countdown, so we daily know about how many days are left. It is also useful for writing notes.

Maths Trick:

This app is useful to know the key points of maths questions. It helps in synchronizing the formulas and it includes all formulas related to math( trigonometry, integration, Diffrentitation, algebra etc). so all formulas are available and we easily learn them.

Forest app:

This app is the most interesting and entertaining app to this list. Generally, this app is used by student to avoid or reduce the use of phones. During self study, students get distracted by mobiles. You can use it simply, click on prompt and it circulates over a set time period, if you don’t touch your mobile then your featured tree in mobile is spreads and become garden this is very entertaining app.

Loop-Habit Tracker:

Good results are the outcomes of good actions, Good actions are the outcomes of good habits.

If you believe in these lines then this app is useful to you. This app is used to create or maintain your good habits and achieve your short term and long term goals. You get graphs and statistics according to your regular habits, so you can track your habits and improves them. Interface of this app is user friendly also.

English-Hindi Dictionary:

This app is useful for those students who have problems in English, word meaning and pronunciation. This app has a feature of word of the day, it is also available for offline.

Microsoft Ofice lens

This app is useful when we have to covert Screenshots into pdf or ppt and also for making presentation.

Top 10 Useful Apps for Students

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